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About Us

A South African App by South African Partners for South African Drivers servicing all those in need of a ride to the destination of their choice in the comfort of a range of Vehicles with Owner Drivers

Wheel Chair Friendly Option Available More Features to Come

Just to mention a few of our Exciting Features
Cash & Card Direct to Drivers
95% Drivers Share for Life
Super Security
Drivers & Passenger Validation
Rating Incentives | Bonuses & More
Cars to be won for best drivers of the year.
Rent to Own Assist
Fully Automated
More Cars will be allowed. 
Sedan & Hatch Back
Client / Driver OTP Verification
Pin Point Pick Up Location 
Complete Registration Online
Less Documents

The Owners

The Destination App’s Founder and owner has been driving with various rideshare competitors for more than three years. During this time, it became clear to him that the industry had a lot of room for improvement. He then decided to do some research and see what could be done to improve this. With some calculations it became clear that the drivers of this industry were doing all the work and not only that, but they were also the backbone of the industry. Carrying all the cost or at least the most thereof. This took him to the drawing board and the creation of Destination. Working on an improved version of the rideshare App where drivers would benefit and earn a more decent share of the fares. By improving the drivers lives we also improve the experience for the Riders. Destination is developed in SA, Owned by SA partners and for SA Only. #SoMuchMore


The Destination App is about to change the industry. With Cash & Card direct to the drivers, a first for this industry, they truly work for themselves. Creating self-employment where drivers only use the app at 5% of all fares to the App Company payable once a week from an easy in app option. This will generate a new class of driver with better experience for the riders. Where drivers will earn 95% of all fares and be able to earn the fare share of the efforts this industry requires. Generating a new level of drivers for the riders that ultimately drive this industry. 

How does this all Work...

Get a Request VIA The App

Once you have registered successfully on the We Drive SA App you will receive client requests. The GPS system will guide you to the Pickup Point.

Drive to Pickup Point With One Time Pin

Once you arrive at Pickup Point verify the clients Details with our One Time Pin Verification. Once client is in your vehicle press the START NOW button on your App. The GPS System will guide you to required Destination.

Drive Client to Destination

While Driving client to required destination always follow the rules of the road and be Courteous to the clients. Remember they will rate your service after each trip.

Drop off Client Paid Confirmation

After dropping client at required destination press the END TRIP button on Your App. Thank the Client for the business and remember to still be Courteous.

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Team Destination

Available in all 9 SA Provinces