Short Summary

Destination is a ride-sharing app created specifically for the South African market. Our key competitive advantages are the app’s ability to provide highly affordable transportation solutions and our high 95% driver share.

The Businesss

Ride sharing has revolutionized the taxi industry, but there’s room for improvement.

The Problems:

1) High OpEx: Existing ride-sharing companies in the market like Uber have a high running cost problem. This is linked to the payroll issues inherent in their business model.

2) High Commissions: Uber collects payments directly from riders and keeps 20% plus in commissions before paying out the 80% to the drivers.

The Solution:

We Drive SA is an app-powered on-demand taxi car service provider for the South African market. Our key competitive advantages are the app’s ability to provide highly affordable (flat rate or subscriptions) personal transportation solutions and our low 5% commissions.

The Market

In South Africa, the personal transportation service market is still in the early stages of development and has tremendous growth potential.

We offer the best-priced transportation solution in South Africa.

  • For Drivers: We will offer fair remuneration to taxi drivers (5% from flat rate, significantly lower than Uber’s 20 % commission)
  • For Riders: We will retain clients through development of attractive loyalty programs

With Cash & Card direct to drivers, they are actually working for themselves, giving us the advantage of getting drivers to switch over to the Destination App.


The apps for all three platforms have been completed and are working. They have been tested and used off-grid for several months now.

Our Facebook page is attracting nice attention and the feedback is positive.

Our Strengths:

  • Innovative solution at an affordable price
  • Experienced management team
  • Innovative marketing plan
  • Scalable business
  • Implement win-win strategy with potential partners (for example, hotel networks)
  • Strategic approach in cooperation with taxi drivers


With the apps completed and market-ready we are now in our final stage. We need an investor for the marketing stage of the project. We aim for 80% plus reach in the ride-sharing market in the next 2-3 years. We also have a CSI in place with registered charities already on board. From here after all overheads and investor shares are paid, Destination will donate 50% of the profits to selected charities. It is our objective to not only enrich the drivers of this industry but also contribute to others in need.


All 3 apps are up and running

We have beaten the high running cost problem

We have beaten the payroll problem

The system works for both drivers and riders alike

Better safety features

The Deal

$500,000 for a 5% share

$1,500,000 for a 10% share

$2,500,000 for a 20% share

Share percentage is payable from the gross income before any overhead deductions.

We are open to discuss and come to a mutually agreed upon arrangement and have contract in place for investment.

Buy a Clone of our App

Strictly for use outside of South Africa ONLY

  1. $2,500,000       100% code for the App, you have to incorporate your own name and logos.
  2. $3,500,000       100% code for the App. We do all changes and internal setup for you.

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