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Owner | Founder | John Hamman

Cell: 074 503 2262

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See the potential trough our vision and the changes we bring to this Industry.

Not Only do we have the right vision to improve this industry, we have the right ATTITUDE

Looking at the current “state” of our competition the time for our Destination App is Now

Drivers all across South Africa is looking at the Next Big Thing… Bigger, Better, Best

Yes the industry is quite at the moment, but after Lock Down the Drivers will jump at the opportunity to get onboard with the App that pays. Get onboard Now and reap the benefits.

why invest with us


Taking care of the drivers with highest trip shares @ 95%, Cash & Card direct to drivers. Added streams of income. No BS in terms of high earnings only for App owners. We have the best interest of the drivers in mind. This will ensure us the numbers required. Thinking Big by Taking Small. #SoMuchMore

long term goals

As a Director of a Non Profit Company not only am I looking at generating exra income streams for myself and investors. I will also make this about charity and helping oithers as I have done for many years. This App will not only treat drivers with the respect they desrve, it will also PAY IT FORWARD #SoMuchMore


With our already powerfull approach to this industry, we still have plenty more to come. We will inrich the lives of the actual people doing the work and gerating this industies income stream.

It’s as simple as a meet and Greet with a good Cup of Coffee | The worst that can happen is we part good friends.