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Fellow South Africans, please help an entrepreneur reach his goal. The goal is to secure numbers for his ride sharing app for South Africa only. Created with the best interest of the drivers & riders in mind. 

We need numbers on the Rider/Client side. Follow the simple steps below and be a part of the change. 

Drivers using the Destination App will benefit from receiving 95% of all trip fees for life.

Whether you are going to make use of the Destination App or Not… We need your R1.00

Follow the steps below

Download Destination Rider on your phone from the Play store.

< Download our App | From Links Provided >
Register as a Rider
Load your Card Details
R1,00 will be charged to your card as a once off registration and verification fee.
No further charges will be made by either of:
We Drive SA (PTY) Ltd or The Destination App 

All card information is secured by SSL encryption
The payment is processed and proceeds through to 3D Secure
NONE of your card information is stored

Download Destination Rider on your phone from the Apple I Store.

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Your R1.00 Will Change Lives

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