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Support a Proudly Local App | South Africa Only

Proudly South African | Empowering Our Own

Better Priced for the Riders

  • One Time Pin | No False Trips 
  • Exclusive to South Africa
  • Better Rates | Discounts for frequent users
  • Higher Drivers Share = Better Drivers
  • Multi Rating System
  • More Cars & Features
  • Wheel Chair Friendly Option
  • Cash or Card
  • Online Registration
  • Support Local | Empowering Our Own

General Information

Complete description of the goods and services offered
Safety Policy

Privacy Policy 
Customer service contact information:
Transaction currency 
 Delivery policy
 Country of domicile

Ride Hailing App | Riders hail  “cab” by the press of a button.
OTP Verification to start a Trip
Payment Verification at End of Trip – Both Driver & Rider
Client Information is encrypted and not visible
South African Rand | ZAR | R
Rider is physically in the mode of transport
South Africa | RSA

Rider & Driver Safety | Driver can't start a trip without your OTP | NO FAKE TRIPS

Payment has to be verified by both Driver & Rider at END of Trip | NO FAKE TRIPS

Check out our All New Rating System before confirming Payment

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Team Destination | Available in all 9 SA Provinces